The type of fishing will depend on the season and objectives, however, "Loreto Bay" offers a National Marine Park that encourages regulated fishing areas that promote "sport fishing rate" practices. Beyond personal fishing style preferences, these are the usual fishing seasons:

Summer season: the warm waters bring out the fish game to the surface to hook up the best of Loreto by casting and throlling . Our surface fishing targets are between Mahi mahi - (Dorado), black and blue marlin, to name a few others. See boat and fishing parties options here >>>Fishing

Winter season: usually in the cold underwater is on for cast and bottom fishing targeting yellowtail, largemouth bass, cabrilla, sanapper, grouper and casual trolling for ruster, bonitas and more.

See boat and fishing parties options here >>>Fishing


  1. All boats in Mexican waters that carry fishing gear are required to obtain a sport fishing license for each person on board.

  1. Sport fishermen in marine waters will be able to use all the rods and reels they wish. In inland waters only one rod should be kept in operation per angler. In both cases, established catch limits shall be strictly observed.


  1. In oceanic and estuarine waters the daily limit is ten specimens, with a maximum of five specimens of the same species.

  1. In the case of marlin, sailfish, swordfish, shark and fish (Stereolepis gigas), the limit shall be one fish, which shall be equivalent to five fish of other species.

  1. In the case of dorado, roosterfish, shad, baya (Mycteroperca jordani) or bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis), the limit shall be two individuals, which shall be equivalent to five individuals of other species.

  1. In the case of squid, the catch limit shall be five fish per day per fisherman.

  1. The sport fishing license allows you to catch only fish. It does not allow the capture of molluscs or crustaceans and their capture is strictly forbidden. The only exception is squid.

  1. Totuaba, turtles, marine mammals, reptiles and amphibians have federal protection so they can not be caught at any time.