Spend a day in full control of your own captained boat and fish for whatever takes your fancy. Indulge in a choice of sport fishing in Panga to reel the catch of the day, from Dorado " Mahi-mahi" to Yellowtail (seasonal), cabrilla, sea bass, and more. Loreto covers all your fishing needs for any experience level. 


PANGA (1-3 Passengers)

$480USD   -10%

$428 USD per Boat charter


We suggest bringing to this excursion:

Extra Charge:

  Live bait cost  $1000 pesos Aprox.

             $30 USD Per live bait for the whole charter

Fishing License: $290 Pesos

Aprox. 17 USD Per Person

**   (Fishing Daily License is mandatory)

Inquire more here about 

Mexican Fishing regulation

Access fee to Bahia de Loreto

National Marine Park

 $115 Mxn Pesos or $8 Usd Per Person

(This access is not included in this package. Captain can provide prior boarding )  


You need a partner to share your fishing day? We can hook you up!


 Monday to Sunday

  Duration HALF DAY:

 6 hours

 Duration FULL DAY:

 10 hours


Departure places  & hours

Loreto town areas 7:00 am


 Nopolo Loreto Bay       

beach front  7:00 am


     Lobby  Villa del Palmar 

   Beach front departure  7:30 am 

           Leaving from Marina 

Puerto Escondido 7:30 am 

 **If you like to fish south bay and departure from Marina Puerto Escondido  Please ask for a transfer quote inside our booking platform 


Boat sizes are available

Per Charter


PANGA 23–25 ft.

 (1-2 Persons)


 (1-4 Persons)


26, 28, 32 & 40 ft.

(1-8 Persons)


**ANSWER.-Top of the line activity in Loreto for the whole family and all levels of expertise. We have experienced local captains in their great majority to be able to offer you the best of the Sea of Cortez, from Yellow tail, cabrilla, grouper, snaper to the most sought after Dorados "Mahi-Mahi" in season. We have all the necessary equipment on board, you just need to get on board with us and hook up your dinner.   Check Loreto Fishing Season Chart here >>> shorturl.at/lJKL4

  **ANSWER.-A regular fishing trip takes 6 hours from the time you leave the marina. We also have more hours of fishing or deep sea fishing which are different fishing modalities that can also be offered.

  **ANSWER.-In the summer season, casting and trolling are usually offered. However, we do some bottom fishing for shore fish such as snapper, cabrilla or groupers. Rapalas and other fishing gadgets are also available on board for whatever you feel like fishing. The target that we normally go on summer is Dorado mahi-mahi or bill fish ( Marlin black o blue and sail fish).

**ANSWER.-No, as it is included in our fishing packages. If you feel like bringing any personal gadgets or fishing equipment you more than welcomr to bring it along. 

**ANSWER.-Yes, to be able to do sport fishing anywhere in Mexico you need by law to have a fishing license for the day. The fishing license gives you certain catch points and depending on the target or fish you want to catch it gives you the number of fish you can catch. The captain or crew on board can explain more when you go out on your fishing trip. Also by law everyone on board a boat that goes fishing must carry a fishing license even the captain on board even if he does not fish.

     Want to learn more about these fishing rules click here this link >> https://bit.ly/3Jvygii

**ANSWER.-Yes, since fishing requires it in order to have a better chance of catching fish. Remember that we also have rapalas, luhrs, poppers and more fishing gadgets to also use them if required. Normally the live you pay it right outside the marina onces you take off in your fishing tour the capitan will make sure to pick up the live bait on the way. The type of live bait we handle is either mackerel or sardine.

**ANSWER.-We usually offer the typical local fishermen's boat so called "Pangas" with a bimini top  for shade and all the basic safety equipment for you and your family or visitors.

We also have a line of higher level or scale boats for you to choose from such as Proline, Boston Whaler, Skiff and more.  

If you´d like  to inquire more about the boating options we  may offer click on the following link >>

**ANSWER.-Of course you can, as long as it is what your fishing license allows. Even at the end the fish is filleted and delivered to you in a bag to take with you for your dinner and if you like to tip the captain .

Want to learn more about the type of fishes click on this link  >>

**ANSWER.- Unfortunately not if  is a "Panga" type boat.  If you acquire a different type of vessel or line, e.g. cruisers, proline, luhr etc., they usually have W.C. onboard.

**ANSWER.-Yes, this is part of the local and Mexican naval regulations. 

Our boats have all the necessary equipment for maritime safety required by law:

Life jackets 

Marine Band Radio 

First Aid Kit 

Life jackets 

Rescue locator distress signal system

GPS / Compass 

Safety flares 

Boat & passengers insurance

**ANSWER.-Yes, it all depends on the number and size of the group as well as the food and beverages requirements. We  may adapt to your needs and provide you with a free quote under no obligation.

and where do I purchase that

**ANSWER.-Yes, the acces bracelet of the marine park "BAHIA DE LORETO" is more than paying an entrance fee, it is a donation and it is mandatory , this is to enforce and  continue preserving this beautiful place as the aquarium of the world. The cost of this fee for the moment is $100 pesos per person- aprox. $5 Usd - (over 12 years old) and you can pay it on line troughout the reservation or onboard direct to our capatain or appointed crew staff before embarking. 

**ANSWER.- includes food, drinks, equipment. The options to choose  for lunch on this package are from: Deli Sandwich or Baja style beef machaca burritos. We also have available  a vegetarian and / or vegan menu upon request.

If you purchased a "Basic package", then it only includes the boat tour, fishing gear, cooler chest with ice  and bottled water . You may bring whatever you want extra for F&B.

**ANSWER.-It is not included, however you may request a quote to provide this service to you at an additional charge. If you´d like  to inquire more about the options we offer click on the following link >>

**ANSWER.-The captains or crew are locals.  Although in Loreto we love to work with tourism and we have a little lack of English language skills, on our tours we try to provide you with crew that have at least basic english language skills to offer you the best possible experience.

**ANSWER.-We greatly appreciate your willingness to compensate those who provide the tours. What is customary would generally be 10 to 15% of the cost of the activity or excursion either per person or for the total amount. Please note that although  knowing gratuities are  not included in the service with the purchase of the tour or excursion, the tip is an extra generosity - it is not mandatory.


**ANSWER.-Unfortunelty are not any restrooms or WC. We always recommend using the restrooms before starting  our tours, and there are restrooms available at the entrance of the marinas. 

**ANSWER.-  Yes we may provide the following rentals :

 > SUP (Stan Up Paddle Board) inflatable,

 > Water sports cameras,

 > Photography and video. 

**These are extra charged and subject to availability. 

If you´d like  to inquire more about the options we offer click on the following link >>

**ANSWER.-Not in the islands, there is only  astonishing nature  surroundings and pristine places of the best. 

It is within the boundaries of the Loreto Bay Marine Park.

* Learn more about what we Loretanos are helping to do in this conservation efforts.

Help us to keep preserving this wonderful place. More info. here>>>.

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